Colourblind Plus® Online

Colourblind Plus® Online

2 - 28 participants

A communication focused team building activity designed to develop these skills in individuals, small groups and larger teams.

Colourblind® Plus is a communication focused team building activity designed to develop these skills in individuals, small groups and larger teams. It contains three verbal communications activities in one package - a paired, a small group, and a challenging large group activity. They can be sequenced in this order or delivered independently – providing opportunities for individuals and teams to build their listening and communication skills.

For those familiar with the original Colourblind® training activity - the original and popular communication problem solving activity that has been used globally for over 25 years - this provides three additional activities that work in a similar way.

Prior experience of Colourblind® is not required to use Colourblind® Plus. It can be used with a group of 2 to 28 people (although as the ideal maximum Large Group version size is 14 x people, it's best to run two concurrent sessions for 28!). Colourblind® Plus can be facilitated using any simple video conferencing tool such as Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet, and participants access secure html links via their favourite browser on any internet-enabled device.

  • Understand that effective communication is a two-way process requiring a message to be sent and the meaning to be received in the way the sender intended
  • Consider how to improve both communication systems and the quality of the messages which those systems support
  • Practise effective listening
  • Refine questioning & feedback skills
  • Develop flexibility in communication, changing and adapting language to meet the needs of the listeners
  • Understand how communication is culturally specific
  • Ensure that shared references are used to achieve common meaning
  • Develop team building and collaboration
  • Recognise each individual has a different way of understanding and explaining
  • Understand how different groups of individuals work together
  • To work as a team, including & listen to everyone to solve a problem
  • Managing change by using effective & precise communication skills
Colourblind® Plus is an innovative team-building activity meticulously crafted to hone communication skills across individuals, small groups, and larger teams. Building on the legacy of the original Colourblind®—a globally recognized communication problem-solving tool in use for over two decades—Colourblind® Plus introduces three new activities. These activities, designed for pairs, small groups, and larger teams, can be sequenced progressively or delivered as standalone sessions. The primary objective is to provide a platform for participants to refine their listening and communication capabilities in diverse settings.

  1. Paired Communication: Ideal for two participants, this module emphasizes the nuances of one-on-one communication, focusing on clarity, understanding, and feedback.
  2. Small Group Interaction: Designed for smaller teams, this segment challenges groups to navigate the complexities of multi-person communication, ensuring every voice is heard and understood.
  3. Large Group Challenge: Catering to up to 14 participants (or 28 in dual sessions), this module pushes teams to their limits, demanding effective communication strategies to achieve common goals in larger settings.
  4. Digital Facilitation: Colourblind® Plus seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet, ensuring accessibility and ease of use across various digital platforms.

  1. Two-Way Communication Mastery: Participants realize that effective communication isn't just about sending a message but ensuring it's received and understood as intended.
  2. Enhanced Communication Systems: Teams learn to not only improve the systems they use for communication but also the quality and clarity of the messages they convey.
  3. Active Listening Skills: Through various activities, individuals practice and perfect the art of listening—a cornerstone of effective communication.
  4. Adaptive Communication: Participants learn to adjust their language and communication style to cater to their audience, ensuring clarity and understanding.
  5. Cultural Sensitivity: Teams recognize that communication is culturally specific and learn to navigate these nuances with grace.
  6. Shared Reference Points: By ensuring common references and terminologies, teams can achieve a shared understanding and meaning.
  7. Team Building and Collaboration: Beyond just communication, participants learn the value of collaboration, ensuring every team member is included and heard.
  8. Diverse Understanding: Recognizing and valuing that every individual perceives and communicates differently is a key outcome.
  9. Problem Solving as a Team: Teams learn the importance of collective problem-solving, ensuring every voice is considered in the decision-making process.
  10. Change Management: Through precise and effective communication, teams become adept at navigating and managing change.

In essence, Colourblind® Plus is more than just a communication tool—it's a comprehensive system designed to elevate teams, enhance collaboration, and ensure effective communication at every level.
After completing the activity and sharing the correct answer (if necessary):

  1. Dedicate an equal amount of time used for the activity to debrief.
  2. Prepare a set of questions tailored to your group or utilize the following suggestions.

Colourblind® Plus delves deep into two pivotal aspects of communication:

  • The strategic selection and management of communication systems.
  • The precision and quality of the communicated message's content.

Paired Version:

Engage participants with these questions:

  1. How did you initiate this activity?
  2. Did your method of describing pieces to each other evolve?
  3. What strategies aided you when listening to your partner's descriptions?
  4. How did you ensure mutual understanding and verify that you were discussing the same pieces?
  5. Can you identify situations in your professional life where such precise and shared communication is crucial?

During the review, invite observers to share their insights and validate their observations with their notes.

Small Group Version:

Engage participants with these questions:

  1. How did you navigate communication within a larger group?
  2. Were you able to apply learnings from the paired exercise to this task?
  3. Did the group establish a naming system for the shapes?
  4. Was there a strategy to manage and retain information?
  5. What insights did this exercise provide about effective team communication?
  6. How can these insights be applied in a professional setting?
  7. Were there any distinct challenges in small group communication compared to the paired activity?

Large Group Version:

This version emphasizes Communication Skills, Team Planning, Implementation, and Problem Solving.

Communication Area 1 - Managing Information:
The exercise presents a plethora of information that the group must assimilate to solve the problem. It's improbable for a single individual to retain all the details, necessitating a group strategy for information management. Reflect on:

  • The clarity of the group's objective.
  • The process established to gather and retain relevant information.
  • The methods used to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Communication Area 2 - Group Communication and Chairing Skills in Online Meetings:

Successful completion of the Colourblind® Plus exercise requires a well-defined communication strategy. Reflect on:

  • The group's listening skills.
  • The prevention of cross-conversations or sub-group dialogues.
  • The appointment or emergence of a chairperson.
  • The inclusion of all group members in the conversation.

Communication Area 3 - Speaking the Same Language and Establishing Common Meaning:

A core requirement of the Colourblind® Plus exercise is establishing shared understanding. Reflect on:

  • The types of descriptions used for shape identification.
  • The evolution of these descriptions.
  • The methods used to verify understanding.

Communication Area 4 - Valuing Diversity. Recognizing and Working with Different Individual Communication Strategies:

The exercise underscores the diversity in individual communication styles. Reflect on:

  • The varied approaches individuals adopted.
  • The lessons that can be applied in training or teaching scenarios.
  • The individual communication preferences and their implications.

In conclusion, the Colourblind® Plus activity is not just about identifying shapes but about understanding the nuances of communication, the importance of shared understanding, and the value of diverse communication strategies.


Fully remote/virtual activity
To all subscribers
Activity created
Average duration
60 mins
2 - 28

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