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Two decades crafting activities for meaningful outcomes

Designed by seasoned trainers, our platform offers tools that amplify engagement and effectiveness, transforming the landscape of remote learning in training programmes.

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We are on a mission to make remote learning as enjoyable and impactful as the traditional sessions we've helped to craft over the last 20 years.

Geoff Cox, Learning Design Director

Our story

Founded in 2022, Experiential Learning Tools has the ambition to redefine online education. We create engaging, user-friendly, and interactive online learning activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a seismic shift in our work and learning environments. Remote and hybrid working has become the norm, and teams are spread across different geographies. Yet, the necessity for learning and professional development continues. So, how do we make remote learning meaningful?

At Experiential Learning Tools, we're harnessing our two decades of industry experience to empower educators and trainers to plan, organize, and conduct successful online learning sessions worldwide.

Meet our team

Over 20 years of experience in the experiential learning sector.

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    Graham Cook

    Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

  • Geoff Cox profile picture

    Geoff Cox

    Co-Founder / Learning Design Director

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    Chris Sloey

    Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

  • Michael Hayes profile picture

    Michael Hayes

    Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer

Diverse online learning activities

Experiential Learning Tools is your go-to platform for innovative and effective online learning activities. Dive into interactive exercises like Colourblind, Seeing The Point, and Simbols to supercharge your e-learning experience.

Our tools are designed to achieve diverse learning outcomes. Enhance your team's communication skills, collaboration capabilities, comprehension, and problem-solving skills through engaging experiential learning activities.


I would highly recommend these team activities, they are both fun and challenging, and can be used as a virtual energizer too.

Fiona from Lego
Fiona Wright
VP Marketing The LEGO Company

Thank you to you and the ELT team so much for working so diligently to put together a platform to quickly execute an impactful virtual teambuilding activity like Colourblind. We are tremendously grateful and can't wait to continue our RSVP journey.

RSVP Design activities in action

Connection to RSVP Design

Born from a rich legacy in experiential learning

As a pioneer in real-world, face-to-face training sessions since 2003, RSVP Design has always been at the forefront of creating engaging, practical learning tools. RSVP Design has created award winning activities with a global appeal such as Colourblind®, Simbols and Images of Organisations. Today, Experiential Learning Tools carries that legacy forward into the digital world, offering innovative online learning activities that are perfect for remote and hybrid learning settings.

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