Information Security Policy

June 04, 2023

  1. Introduction The purpose of this Information Security Policy is to establish guidelines and requirements for protecting the information and digital assets of (hereafter referred to as "the Company"). This policy applies to all employees, contractors, partners, and stakeholders who access, process, store, or transmit information on behalf of the Company.
  2. Information Security Objectives The main objectives of this policy are to: a. Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Company's information assets. b. Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual obligations related to information security. c. Educate and train employees on information security best practices. d. Detect, respond to, and recover from information security incidents.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities a. The Company shall appoint an Information Security Officer (ISO) responsible for overseeing the implementation and maintenance of the information security program. b. All employees, contractors, and partners shall be responsible for complying with this policy and related procedures.
  4. Risk Assessment a. The Company shall perform regular risk assessments to identify and prioritize information security risks. b. The risk assessment process shall include evaluating the likelihood and potential impact of threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences. c. The ISO shall report risk assessment findings to the management team and recommend appropriate risk mitigation measures.
  5. Access Control a. Access to the Company's information assets shall be granted based on the principles of least privilege and need-to-know. b. Access shall be granted only after proper authorization and authentication. c. The Company shall implement access controls such as user accounts, strong passwords, and multi-factor authentication.
  6. Data Classification and Handling a. The Company shall classify information assets based on their sensitivity and criticality. b. Information assets shall be handled, stored, and disposed of according to their classification. c. Confidential or sensitive information shall be encrypted during storage and transmission.
  7. Network Security a. The Company shall implement network security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and secure network configurations. b. Wireless networks shall be secured using strong encryption and authentication methods.
  8. Physical Security a. The Company shall implement physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to information assets, including access controls, surveillance, and secure disposal of equipment and media.
  9. Incident Response and Business Continuity a. The Company shall develop and maintain an incident response plan to detect, respond to, and recover from information security incidents. b. The Company shall develop and maintain a business continuity plan to ensure the continued availability of critical systems and information during and after a disruption.
  10. Training and Awareness a. All employees shall receive regular training on information security best practices and their responsibilities under this policy. b. The Company shall promote a culture of information security awareness through ongoing communication and awareness programs.
  11. Compliance and Auditing a. The Company shall monitor compliance with this policy and related procedures. b. The Company shall perform regular audits and reviews of information security controls to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with this policy.
  12. Policy Review and Updates a. This policy shall be reviewed and updated at least annually or as needed to address changes in the Company's risk profile, regulatory environment, or business requirements. b. The ISO shall be responsible for maintaining and updating this policy.
By implementing and maintaining this Information Security Policy, demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding its information assets and the privacy of its customers, employees, and partners.

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