Modern, safe and compliant with privacy legislation a service you can trust

Online learning and development requires personal information, so Experiential Learning Tools has a number of measures to ensure that information stays as secure as possible.

Scroll down to explore our security features, compliance measures, and important facts about where our software is hosted.

Security and compliance

Proactive security

The Experiential Learning Tools team work hard to ensure we have the newest security features, and as a team follow industry security best practice.

Reliable, stable and performant

The Experiential Learning Tools team have a focus on making sure our customers can trust and rely on our tools for their learning and development sessions.


Security Overview

Everything we do to protect your data

From our internal processes to our infrastructure we've designed the platform to be a dependable, reliable and safe tool for your business.

Scalable cloud

The platform is designed to be scalable, as your organization grows the platform will grow automatically.

SSL Certificates

We use SSL throughout the platform for all our requests.

Frequent deploys

Frequent, zero down time deploys for bug fixes and new features.

Advanced Firewall

Platform firewall configured with OWASP best practices.

Organization settings

Set roles and access rights for account administrators and trainers.

Verified Database Backups

We make regular backups of your data and ensure these are correct with verified backups.

GDPR compliant. We respect learners privacy.

Learners can participate in sessions as a guest or create an account which they can fully delete when they want

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