Images of Resilience Online

Images of Resilience Online

1 - 50 participants

Utilise a captivating set of metaphor images, each echoing the emotions and experiences tied to resilience and grit

Utilise a captivating set of metaphor images, each echoing the emotions and experiences tied to resilience and grit. These cards illuminate the intricate relationship between resilience and elements like stress, change, challenge, and learning.

But what exactly is resilience? Delve into enriching coaching conversations using these images to unravel individual interpretations of resilience. Discuss and define the essence of building resilience. Each card is complemented with thought-provoking coaching questions, guiding explorations into situations that demand resilience and the qualities or skills pivotal for bolstering it.

As remote teams become the norm, fostering a sense of belonging and active participation is more crucial than ever. By allowing individuals to select an image they resonate with, this digital collection becomes a platform for sharing insights, challenges, and personal experiences, ultimately nurturing individual resilience.

Versatility & Compatibility:
Designed for versatility, these images cater to groups ranging from 4 to 16 participants. They can serve as an icebreaker, introducing attendees to diverse views on the subject of resilience and strategies for appropriate demonstrations and applications of it. It can also be used in one to one coaching to explore coaches development of their own 'resilience'.

  1. Improve individual confidence.
  2. Enhance communication.
  3. Tackle challenging conversations with sensitivity.
  4. Foster a culture of constructive feedback.
  5. Amplify learning retention with memorable introductory or concluding activities.
  6. Mitigate team conflicts through enriched dialogues.
  7. Great icebreaker activity

This activity is closely related to Images of Organisations and Images of Customer Experience
Images of Resilience is a meticulously curated collection of cartoon metaphor images, each echoing the intricate emotions and experiences associated with resilience and grit. Beyond just visual representations, these images serve as conversation starters, guiding individuals and teams to delve deeper into the multifaceted world of resilience, its challenges, and its rewards.

  1. Personal Development Workshops: Use the images as focal points in sessions aimed at enhancing individual resilience, helping participants identify their personal strengths and areas for growth.
  2. Team Building Activities: Integrate the cards into team exercises to foster a shared understanding of resilience and how it plays a role in team dynamics and challenges.
  3. Stress Management Seminars: Utilise the images to initiate discussions on stress and its relationship with resilience, offering participants strategies to bolster their resilience in high-stress situations.
  4. Leadership Training: Incorporate the cards into leadership modules to highlight the importance of resilience in leadership roles and its impact on decision-making and team management.
  5. Educational Settings: For educators, the images can serve as tools to discuss resilience with students, helping them navigate academic and personal challenges.

  1. Enhanced Self-awareness: Participants gain a clearer understanding of their personal relationship with resilience, recognising their strengths and areas where they can develop further.
  2. Improved Team Dynamics: Teams become more attuned to the role of resilience in collaboration, leading to better communication and mutual support during challenges.
  3. Strategic Stress Management: Individuals equipped with a deeper understanding of resilience are better prepared to manage and navigate stressful situations, leading to improved well-being and productivity.
  4. Empowered Leadership: Leaders who engage with these images develop a more nuanced approach to resilience, influencing their leadership style and enhancing their ability to guide their teams through challenges.
  5. Actionable Personal Development Plans: The discussions stemming from these images can lead to actionable insights, providing clear direction for individuals to enhance their resilience.
  6. Strengthened Educational Approaches: Educators can craft more effective strategies to discuss and teach resilience, ensuring students are better prepared for academic and life challenges.
It is intended that these images are used in close dialogue with a coach/facilitator to explore individual experiences of resilience.

The digital images are accompanied by facilitator support notes and questions which explain the original thinking behind the choice of image but they are also open to individual interpretation, as a stimulus for ideas and to give a learner new insights. They focus on three aspects of Resilience and are designed to trigger ideas about:

  1. What Resilience is
  2. When you need Resilience
  3. What qualities and skills you can develop to strengthen Resilience

1 - What is Resilience?
The images: ‘Bouncing Back’ and ‘New Growth’ represent resilience itself - the ability to take knocks and re-bound, and create something new and thriving from difficult and damaging situations. They are the kind of metaphors we would expect if we ask people to define Resilience.

2 - When do you need Resilience?
Six images represent the pressures, challenges and environments in which we most need resilience and in which we might find it most difficult to tap into: these are titled ‘Ambiguity & Uncertainty’, ‘Keeping Focus’, ‘Barriers to Progress’, ‘Limited Challenges’, ‘Risk’ and ‘Overcoming Fear’.
Each of these is designed to get people thinking about different types of pressure (from fear to boredom) that might require people to access and use their own resilience.

3 - How can you develop Resilience?
The remaining images ‘Endurance’, ‘Self-Management’, ‘Tolerance’, ‘Determination’, ‘Feeling in Control’, ‘Drive and Motivation’, ‘Guidance’ and ‘Flexibility’ are all dimensions of resilience and the questions relate to how people experience these at present and how they might develop them in future.


Fully remote/virtual activity
To all subscribers
Activity created
Average duration
60 mins
1 - 50

The images were a used as part of the first session of a one day Emotional Resilience course for managers. This allowed the participants to share their personal experiences in small groups, which highlighted both the challenges and benefits of being resilient. This subsequently led to further discussions and learning, and set a positive vibe for the remainder of the day.

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