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Using the CSV Import Function

When you know your participants already and want to upload in bulk use a csv to speed up creating your session

16th January 2023

Using the CSV Import Function
The best starting point is to use our handy import csv template - download here. 'csv' stands for "comma seperated value" and is a file format for sharing raw data and can be opened up in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers or a text edtior. The csv needs to be as described below to import your names and/or email addresses properly.

Here are the steps to edit your file:

1. Check it is saved as a .csv (Comma delimited) (*.csv) file - not just an Excel file
2. Check the Headers are formatted as required (the column headers are not case senitive): ie. Name/name and Email/email
3. Check there is one entry per line.
4. Typically no more than 20 x names can be imported at a time into a session (depending on the maximum number of participants allowed)
4. See the Example below of a file that works!

import csv

Remember to ensure the file is saved as .csv and not as the default file format for the application you have used to edit the file (i.e. for Excel .xls or .xlsx). When your session is in the "draft" status you will have the option to "Import participants", click this and the modal will open with a button which will allow you to import your csv file.

If you have any problems uploading your file you can email the ELT team at


Graham @experientialLT

A core member of the ELT Team

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