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Introducing Images of Resilience

An introduction to learning applications for our brand new activity - Images of Resilience

17th September 2023

Introducing Images of Resilience
This fully remote, online experiential learning activity is based on 16 carefully designed and selected images drawn in an attractive cartoon style. This activity was originally produced as a physical deck of cards by RSVP Design. These digital images are metaphors, representing a range of experiences and emotions that are linked with the theme of ‘resilience’.

Why cartoons?
The physical deck of cards of Images of Resilience was developed by RSVP Design with support and expertise from Robin Hills and Doug Haynes of EI4 Change. Their work in Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Resilience was invaluable in helping to create and test this activity.

The images explore different facets of resilience and its connections with stress, change, challenge and learning. The cartoon style is accessible and people at all levels in organisations relate to the images and experiences depicted. This allows a ‘door’ to be opened into dialogue that might otherwise be too risky or challenging to be tackled directly.

The images are designed to be used to stimulate individual thought and group discussion and can be used in individual coaching or in group-work, whenever the learning objectives relate to personal, team and leadership development, motivation, change management, stress management and an exploration of work-life balance.

This set of images and the associated questions explore some of the components of resilience, challenging us to think about what it means for us, how we can develop our resilience and ability to cope with stress and how we can ensure that our resilience is used to enhance our daily lives, rather than locking us into patterns of ineffective or damaging behaviour.

Using Images of Resilience for an online training session
It is intended that these images are used in close dialogue with a coach/facilitator to explore individual experiences of resilience.

The digital images are accompanied by facilitator support notes and questions which explain the original thinking behind the choice of image but they are also open to individual interpretation, as a stimulus for ideas and to give a learner new insights. They focus on three aspects of Resilience and are designed to trigger ideas about:

  1. What Resilience is
  2. When you need Resilience
  3. What qualities and skills you can develop to strengthen Resilience

1 - What is Resilience?
The images: ‘Bouncing Back’ and ‘New Growth’ represent resilience itself - the ability to take knocks and re-bound, and create something new and thriving from difficult and damaging situations. They are the kind of metaphors we would expect if we ask people to define Resilience.

2 - When do you need Resilience?
Six images represent the pressures, challenges and environments in which we most need resilience and in which we might find it most difficult to tap into: these are titled ‘Ambiguity & Uncertainty’, ‘Keeping Focus’, ‘Barriers to Progress’, ‘Limited Challenges’, ‘Risk’ and ‘Overcoming Fear’.
Each of these is designed to get people thinking about different types of pressure (from fear to boredom) that might require people to access and use their own resilience.

3 - How can you develop Resilience?
The remaining images ‘Endurance’, ‘Self-Management’, ‘Tolerance’, ‘Determination’, ‘Feeling in Control’, ‘Drive and Motivation’, ‘Guidance’ and ‘Flexibility’ are all dimensions of resilience and the questions relate to how people experience these at present and how they might develop them in future.

Apply to your organisation
Images of Resilience offers a unique, engaging, and effective way to delve into this crucial facet of modern working - resilience. This activity makes the learning process both insightful and memorable. Whether you're seeking personal growth for your clients or an organisation aiming to empower its team, these images serve as a powerful tool to foster understanding, discussion, and development around resilience.

But why just read about it when you can experience it firsthand? Dive deep into the world of resilience, explore its many facets, and equip yourself with the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and tenacity.

Don't wait to unlock the transformative power of resilience. Subscribe now for instant access and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.


Graham @experientialLT

A core member of the ELT Team

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