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Join our showcase webinar on 31st October 2023

Are you available 31st October? Join our webinar to understand more about the various activities on ELT

10th October 2023

Join our showcase webinar on 31st October 2023
What are your plans for Halloween? If you have availability on the 31st October 2023 at 4pm GMT why not join us for a webinar cohosted with RSVP Design where we will give an overview of all the activities on our platform?

What will it cover?
In our experience trainers and facilitators like to have a broad array of experiential learning tools at hand in order to create the best learning designs possible.

It was this thinking that was behind our newly launched subscription plans that offer subscribers access to every single available activity on our digital platform. Every single activity including award winners such as Colourblind and Simbols are available on all subscription tiers.

Not only will an annual subscription will give automatic and immediate access to all the current online activities you will also have access to the new activities we are working away on that will be added to the platform over the coming months.

To showcase the broad range of activities we're excited to invite you to a webinar cohosted with RSVP Design on 31st October on Zoom. It's entirely free to participate and you can grab your place here:

A growing suite of tools, with your input
As stated, Experiential Learning Tools is always improving. We will be adding new activities on a regular basis as well as new features to the platform to help improve the online experiential learning design process. If you have any product ideas or suggestions get in touch with the team.

We're eager to make sure we develop activities that are actually useful and helpful to trainers and facilitators and for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

We look forward to chatting to you on the 31st October (fancy dress optional).

Graham @experientialLT

A core member of the ELT Team

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