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What learners experience when joining an ELT session

Session invitation email and opening screen examples that learners receive when joining a session

30th January 2023

What learners experience when joining an ELT session
If you've never been a participant in an ELT session before it might be useful to see what happens for learners before your faciliate your first session. 

Invite email

An example of an email sent to an individual email address from the platform is shown below.

This shows which Trainer/Manager at which Organisation has invited them. It also tells them the name of the Activity, and includes the title, date and time created by the Trainer/Manager in the platform. The time zone shown will be that of the Trainer/Manager who created the session.
Invite email

Clicking through

When the participant clicks the invitation link they will see a message like that below, which will open in a window in their browser of choice. In most cases they don't need to (or won't want to) create an account, and so can just click the 'Launch as guest' button to view their personal invitation/role within the activity
Launch as guest or create account

Creating an account is completely optional for the learner however by opening their own account they will be able to look back at the session, view any personal notes they take and review some learner level summary of the session.

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