Graham Cook

Graham Cook Chief Executive Officer

Graham is a cofounder of Experiential Learning Tools and leads our Learning Tools & Resources business along with the overall commercial aspects of Experiential Learing Tools.

Graham is an experienced international business manager who has been involved in training and HR for more than 25 years. As he is regularly visiting and talking to customers as well as demonstrating our products he is grateful that he lives only 15 minutes drive from Glasgow Airport.

The activity I enjoy most:

Images of Organisations

Images of Organisations Description

I love to spark discussions with our Images of Organisations® card deck. These cards are packed with visual metaphors that capture the essence of organisational scenarios and business situations. Whether you're kickstarting a session with an icebreaker, delving into team development, conducting performance reviews, or wrapping up with a reflective activity, these images pave the way for insightful discussions about experiences, emotions, and perceptions.

Additional details

  • Enhance management and workplace communication
  • Boost team and organisational performance
  • Streamline personal and team development planning
  • Tackle challenging conversations with sensitivity
  • Foster a culture of constructive feedback
  • Amplify learning retention with memorable introductory or concluding activities
  • Mitigate team conflicts through enriched dialogues

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We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in learning design, software development and user experience.

Diverse online learning activities

Experiential Learning Tools is your go-to platform for innovative and effective online learning activities. Dive into interactive exercises like Colourblind, Seeing The Point, and Simbols to supercharge your e-learning experience.

Our tools are designed to achieve diverse learning outcomes. Enhance your team's communication skills, collaboration capabilities, comprehension, and problem-solving skills through engaging experiential learning activities.

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