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Our top five communication styles group activities

Final part of our series looking at communication styles and running successful training for remote teams

14th March 2024

Our top five communication styles group activities
We all agree effective communication is the cornerstone of successful teamwork? We wrote last week about the importance of communication, we understand the importance of cultivating diverse communication styles within teams and previously we defined communication styles in the first post in this series. This blog post (third and final in the series) highlights five of our top group activities designed to enhance communication skills in various settings: Colourblind, Images of Organisations, Simbols, Emergency Delivery, and Workstations.

1. Colourblind
Colourblind® is a compelling activity that challenges teams to communicate effectively under constraints. Participants, often blindfolded or unable to see the tools they are working with, must rely on verbal communication to complete a task. This activity highlights the importance of clear, concise communication and encourages participants to refine their verbal instructions and active listening skills. It's particularly effective in demonstrating the challenges and nuances of communication in remote or virtual team settings.

2. Images of Organisations
Images of Organisations is an insightful activity that uses metaphorical images to uncover and discuss the underlying perceptions team members have about their organisation. This activity encourages open discussion and helps in understanding different viewpoints within a team. It's an excellent tool for enhancing empathy and understanding, fostering a more cohesive and effective communication style among team members.

Simbols is one of our most popular activities and it requires teams to communicate without words. Participants use symbols and non-verbal cues to convey messages and complete tasks. This activity is an excellent way to highlight the importance of non-verbal communication in team dynamics and the need for clear and unambiguous signals, especially in multicultural teams where language barriers might exist.

4. Emergency Delivery
In 'Emergency Delivery', teams are put in a high-pressure scenario where they need to make quick decisions and communicate them effectively to achieve their goals. This activity simulates a fast-paced work environment where clear and efficient communication is crucial. It’s perfect for teams in high-stakes industries, helping participants to develop swift decision-making and assertive communication skills.

5. Workstations
Workstations is a unique activity where team members rotate through different stations, each requiring different communication styles and skills. This activity allows participants to experience and adapt to various forms of communication, from giving clear instructions to engaging in active listening and providing constructive feedback. It’s an excellent way for teams to identify and work on their communication strengths and weaknesses.

These top five communication styles group activities from are designed to address various aspects of communication within a team. Whether it’s enhancing verbal communication in remote settings with Colourblind, understanding organisational perceptions with Images of Organisations, non-verbal communication in Simbols, quick decision-making in Emergency Delivery, or adapting to different communication styles in Workstations, each activity offers a unique approach to developing effective communication skills. Integrating these activities into your team-building or training sessions can lead to more cohesive, understanding, and effective teams.

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Michael Hayes @_mdhayes

Head of Product at Experiential Learning Tools

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