Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes Chief Product Officer

Michael is a cofounder of Experiential Learning Tools. Michael studied a Computer Science degree at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow then an MSc in Sustainable Product Development at the same university.

Much of Michaels time is spend crafting an excellent experience on Experiential Learning Tools for both trainers and learners.

The activity I enjoy most:


Simbols Description

Simbols is one of our most popular activies along with Colourblind. Simbols involves quite a large discussion phase (typically around 45 minutes) which is followed by a high intensity 'placement' phase were participants need to come together to form a consensus and find a solution in as little as two minutes. It's great fun.

Additional details

  • Establish a universally understood and efficient communication system
  • Foster dialogues that demystify abstract concepts
  • Implement a final process through effective communication
  • Achieve solutions under stringent time and quality constraints
  • Manage and integrate individual inputs for team coherence
  • Recognize and respect diverse explanatory and perceptual styles
  • Prioritize active listening and understanding
  • Grasp the cultural specificity of language and communication
  • Experience and refine team leadership
  • Foster team cohesion, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

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We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in learning design, software development and user experience.

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Experiential Learning Tools is your go-to platform for innovative and effective online learning activities. Dive into interactive exercises like Colourblind, Seeing The Point, and Simbols to supercharge your e-learning experience.

Our tools are designed to achieve diverse learning outcomes. Enhance your team's communication skills, collaboration capabilities, comprehension, and problem-solving skills through engaging experiential learning activities.

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