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The future of remote work and the evolution of Learning & Development

The cat is out the bag and remote work is here to stay. So how can we conduct L&D with a remote team?

2nd September 2023

The future of remote work and the evolution of Learning & Development
In recent times, the corporate landscape has undergone a seismic shift. While many companies are advocating for a return to the traditional office environment, there's a growing sentiment that the era of the distributed workforce is not just a temporary phase but a permanent fixture. The cat, it seems, is out of the bag.

The rise of remote work has brought with it a plethora of challenges and opportunities. One of the most pressing challenges is the delivery of effective Learning & Development (L&D) and Organisation Development (OD) sessions to remote teams. Historically, these sessions thrived in face-to-face settings, often characterised by workshops in conference rooms, large group discussions, and hands-on activities. But how does one replicate this rich, immersive experience with the participants sat at a screen over a Zoom call (or any other virtual platform)?

The benefits of Virtual L&D and OD
Before diving into the challenges, it's worth highlighting the undeniable benefits of remote training:

  • Efficiency: With virtual sessions, employees spend less time away from their primary tasks. A focused 30-minute online workshop can often achieve what might take hours in a traditional setting.
  • Flexibility: The reduced inertia means that it's easier to schedule and attend shorter sessions, fitting seamlessly into busy workdays without the need for long commitments.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Eliminating the need for commuting or travel saves both time and money. This is not to mention the significant savings from not having to book venues.
  • Eco-Friendly: With no travel and no physical venues, the carbon footprint of virtual training sessions is significantly reduced, making them a greener alternative.
  • Accessibility: Remote training ensures that everyone, regardless of their location, has access to the same quality of training.

So even if your employer has a strong "back to office" mandate there are strong reasons to apply Virtual L&D to your organisation.

The Game-Changer
With these benefits in mind, the question remains: how do we ensure the effectiveness of virtual L&D and OD? This is where experiential learning techniques come into play. Experiential learning, at its core, is about learning by doing. Focused experiential learning is about immersing participants in a carefully designed or selected activity or experience and then reflecting on that experience to derive insights and typically to drive behavioural business change. And while it's a method that's been incredibly effective in physical settings, it holds immense potential for the virtual space as well.

That's why we do what we do
As the landscape of remote work continues to evolve, the need for effective virtual L&D and OD solutions becomes even more pronounced. This is where the Experiential Learning Tools platform steps in, bridging the gap between the traditional and the digital.

Our platform isn't just another SaaS product; it's a culmination of insights, expertise, and a deep understanding of the challenges trainers and facilitators face in the virtual realm. We have built this platform with combined near 50 years of experience in crafting experiential learning activities. We've tailored our tools to ensure that focused experiential learning, with its emphasis on 'learning by doing', remains at the forefront of every session.

With Experiential Learning Tools, trainers can:

  • Engage Participants Actively: Move beyond passive presentations and engage participants in focused activities, simulations, and discussions that are designed to help improve performance in the workplace. Using activities such as Images of Organisations to spark conversations that lead to meaningful change.
  • Facilitate Seamless Collaboration: Despite the physical distance, our platform ensures that team members can collaborate, communicate, and learn together in real-time. The likes of Broken Square and Seeing the Point allow participants to interact in real time.
  • Adapt with Flexibility: The platform offers the versatility to cater to different learning design needs, whether it's an ice-breaker activity such as Celtic Cross, a short 30-minute session of Colourblind, an extensive workshop or a large development programme powered by Images of Resilience.
  • Measure and Reflect: With built-in statistics and feedback tools, trainers can gauge the effectiveness of their sessions, continuously refining their approach for better outcomes. Available to customers on our Professional or Max plan feedback automatically elicits training session participant feedback.

As we look to the future, the Experiential Learning Tools platform is committed to innovating and adapting, ensuring that trainers and facilitators have the best tools at their disposal. We invite you to be a part of this journey, to experience firsthand the transformative power of focused experiential learning in the virtual space.

The challenges of remote work and virtual L&D and OD are real, but with the right tools, like those offered by Experiential Learning Tools, we can turn these challenges into opportunities. Let's shape the future of online training together, ensuring it's effective, engaging, and impactful. If you would like to know more about what Experiential Learning Tools has to offer get in touch with the team or book a demo at a time that suits you.

Or if you're ready to get started pick a subscription tier that fits your business and get access to all our activities instantly.

Michael Hayes @experientialLT

Head of Product at Experiential Learning Tools

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