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New free online webinar

Join us on 23rd January at 4pm UK time for an overview of our image based activities

3rd January 2024

New free online webinar
We have three activities in our "Image" series of activities. These activities are:

  • Images of Organisations: captures the essence of organisational scenarios and business situations
  • Images of Resilience: illuminate the intricate relationship between resilience and elements like stress, change, challenge, and learning.
  • Images of Customer Experience: encourages learners to delve deep into the emotions and reactions associated with both stellar and subpar customer service experiences.

All three are fully digital versions of popular physical card decks you can purchase from RSVP Design. These online versions can now be accessed and delivered through this platform when you subscribe to _any_ of our subscription plans.

These activities can be applied in multiple ways such as:

As you can see these popular decks are highly versatile and can be used with individuals or teams to help open, debrief/review or close any group activity (large or small) or experience. These digital versions also contain the same 16 carefully designed and selected images that have been successfully used and adopted all round the world in the physical card decks from RSP Design.

Join our free Zoom webinar on 23rd January 2024 at 4pm (UK time) to experience these online card activities where they will be demonstrated by Experiential Learning Tools cofounder Graham Cook.

If you would like to join us please register using the link below:

If you missed the webinar don't worry we will upload a video to the Experiential Learning Tools YouTube channel or if you would like a 1:1 demo you can book it a time that suits you using our Calendly page or drop an email to

Graham Cook @GrahamCookRSVPD

Cofounder of Experiential Learning Tools

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