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Virtual training sessions for small groups

Sometimes we need to deliver training to a small group of participants. What activities are best suited to this?

20th February 2024

Virtual training sessions for small groups
Virtual training sessions are becoming common place and we've found small groups, in particular, have a unique opportunity to engage in more intimate and meaningful activities that can strengthen bonds and enhance collaboration. Whether you're leading a remote team, organising a virtual meetup, or simply looking to connect with colleagues, there's a plethora of virtual activities you can explore. Let's dive into some creative ideas that can make you're next Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to be more fun, effective and productive.

Images of Organisations
When we need to get the small group meeting participants introduced to each other or to spark deep and meaningful discussion we can do this by using "Images of Organisations", an innovative ice-breaker. Craft a question that allows each participant to explore current thoughts and opinions in the group for example:

Pick and image that represents a challenge you've noticed in how the group performs and a second image that represents how the group performs well when communication is highly effective.

Images of Organisations is a reflective exercise. It helps participants understand and appreciate different communication styles within their teams. This activity encourages open dialogue and promotes empathy, allowing team members to recognise and adapt to varying communication preferences, a skill crucial in any collaborative effort.

From 1:1 training sessions meetings to regular team huddles, these images echo sentiments shared by professionals over the years, encapsulating the essence of being part of a team or organisation at specific moments.

Encourage team members to revisit the themes and insights from the "Images of Organisations" exercise in their day-to-day interactions and during regular team huddles. This continuous reflection ensures that the insights gained from the exercise are integrated into the team's communication strategies, fostering a culture of empathy and effective collaboration.

You can run this exercise with a single participant all the way up to 50.

Broken Squares
This is a live, interactive game designed to strengthen bonds between team members by promoting empathy for others' needs and encouraging the sharing of resources, all achieved through non-verbal communication.

Participants, ranging from a minimum of two to a maximum of twenty, work together on a shared interactive canvas, fostering an understanding of the requirements and needs of their fellow players.

This has been used as a fun interactive activity for small virtual groups as an icebreaker or as way to wind down a long session.

Delving into the concept of achieving more with fewer resources, we introduce the "Seeing the Point" exercise, an exceptional tool for aiding teams as they navigate intricate challenges.

Seeing the Point
This activity is ideally suited to small groups on a video conferencing call. our participants are assigned teams and are challenged into inventive thinking and efficient problem resolution. The activity unfolds in two stages: personal creativity followed by joint innovation. In this process, participants are encouraged to break conventional thinking patterns, initially on their own and subsequently in a group setting. The key insight? Remarkable outcomes are attainable when varied perspectives unite, an essential lesson for any workplace environment.

This activity is highly versatile and can be used with as few as two participants and a maximum of twenty. They will be engaged on a interactive shared canvas to complete the challenge.

Apply in your video calls
Virtual activities for small groups are not just about staying connected; they're about creating memorable experiences that strengthen bonds, foster creativity, and promote well-being.

We're all using platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet already so lets apply some rewarding activities in our calls. Through this you can transform ordinary virtual meetings into extraordinary gatherings. Whether it's solving puzzles like Seeing the Point or generating a discussion like with Images of Organisations these activities offer diverse ways to engage and enjoy each other's company, no matter the distance. Let these ideas inspire you to keep the connection alive and make

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Michael Hayes @experientialLT

Head of Product at Experiential Learning Tools

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