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Platform September Update

Here are the changes to the visual look of the platform in the September 2022 update compared to the previous version

30th September 2022

Platform September Update
You can view a short video explanation of changes to the platform in this September 2022 release here:

The main difference to notice is simply the design of the login page and front-end visual design - the login can still be found at the same web address:
The previous version is shown below:
The new September 2022 login screen view is shown below:

You will view your planned sessions upon logging into the platform as you did previously (or select the 'Schedule' tab in the top left-hand column). Completed (ended) sessions can be viewed by pressing the button at the top as before.
Again as before, press the 'New Session' button to select a new activity from the drop-down list of licences available to you.
If you are a member of more than 1 x organization with the same login email address you can switch between these by selecting the button on the bottom of the left hand colums

The tick/check-mark in the sample above confirms you are viewing and editing Sessions created within the Ann Alder Training organization, and from here you can logout, or edit your profile. If you selected RSVP Design in the example above, then the view will switch to those Sessions created for that organization.

The main difference in functionality available in each Product / Session is the ability to set any participant as an Observer in any activity as per the screenshots below. This means they can view what the other participants can see in terms of assets but can't manipulate them or take part in the activity.
Editing participants to become participants or observers can done after emails have been sent and right up until the activity starts allowing the platform to redistribute assets following a 'no-show' (one or more participants don't join as expected).

If you have any questions please email

Graham @experientialLT

A core member of the ELT Team

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