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Some inspiration for using Experiential Learning in recruitment

Here are some practical examples of using Experiential Learning activities in the recruitment process

14th February 2024

Some inspiration for using Experiential Learning in recruitment
Having previously explored why experiential learning is a valid tool for the recruitment process here is an overview of actually implementing experiential learning in recruitment assessment events and a range of innovative options. This post explores four specific activities – Colourblind, Broken Squares, Seeing the Point, and Images of Customer Experience – detailing how they can be effectively utilised in the recruitment process.

Colourblind® is an exceptional tool for assessing communication skills, particularly in remote settings. In this activity, candidates, often with limited information, must rely solely on verbal communication to solve a complex task. This exercise is instrumental in evaluating team dynamics and problem-solving abilities under ambiguous circumstances. It reveals how candidates listen, ask questions, and how effectively they convey complex information. Particularly in virtual teams, where miscommunication can lead to significant challenges, Colourblind® offers a revealing insight into a candidate's ability to navigate and articulate in a remote work environment.

Broken Squares
The Broken Squares activity is a unique exercise that evaluates teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking without relying on verbal communication. Participants are required to rearrange pieces to form specific shapes, necessitating high levels of non-verbal coordination and cooperation. This activity uncovers a candidate's ability to lead and work within a team, showcasing their non-verbal communication and organisational skills. It is particularly useful for identifying individuals who can navigate and contribute effectively to team dynamics, even in situations where conventional communication methods are unavailable, ensuring team as well as individual task success.

Seeing the Point
Seeing the Point is an innovative icebreaker and creativity assessment tool. Participants are challenged to create various shapes from a set of components, both individually and in teams. This activity gauges a candidate's approach to innovation and collaborative problem-solving. It is especially useful for roles requiring creative thinking and adaptability. By observing how candidates interact with one another and approach problem-solving, recruiters can gain valuable insights into their potential for innovation and teamwork.

Images of Customer Experience
Images of Customer Experience is an activity designed to assess customer service experiences and approach to improving services. Through a series of discussions, candidates describe various customer experiences. The discussion can then lead on to how their positive and negative experiences might be used in service delviery. This exercise offers a window into a candidate's empathy, problem-solving approaches, and ability to manage customer expectations under pressure. It's an effective way to gauge how potential employees might interact with clients and handle service-related challenges, providing a realistic preview of their customer service capabilities.

Each of these experiential learning activities offers unique insights into a candidate’s abilities, significantly enhancing the recruitment process. The use of these experiential learning activities in recruitment not only aids in identifying the most suitable candidates but also ensures a more comprehensive evaluation, leading to higher quality hires and a better fit for the organisation. Integrating these innovative methods into the recruitment strategy can transform the way companies identify and secure top talent.

Michael Hayes @_mdhayes

Head of Product at Experiential Learning Tools

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