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Video guide to setting up an Images of Organisations session

Video introduction to setting up an Images of Organisations session on ELT

1st March 2023

Video guide to setting up an Images of Organisations session
We know settings up a new activity can be a daunting task so we've prepared a short video that gives an end to end run through of how to set up an Images of Organisations session for participants:

Setting up the activity
  • From the "Schedule" tab select new activity
  • From them menu select "Images of Organisations", give the session a name, set a time and optionally include a link for your video conferencing solution of choice (i.e. Zoom, Whereby, Google Meet or Teams)
  • The session will be in draft mode, from here you can add up to 50 participants in one of three ways:
    • Email - if an email is included we will send an invite email to the participant
    • NameĀ 
    • Bulk import using our CSV template
  • From there progress the session to planned and when ready invite participants
  • When ready to start the session progress the session status to started

Stage One
In the first stage of Images of Organisations all participants will see a grid of all cards. The facilitator will give some context to the session and ask participants to select a card, they do this by simply clicking on a card. When selected the card will have a green border.

The facilitator will see a list of names of people that have not selected yet

Stage Two
In the second stage of Images of Organisations the facilitator will see all users and the cards each user has selected and each to next a button inviting the facilitator to put the participant "on stage".

At the start participants will see a holding screen however when the facilitator puts a participant "on stage" all participants will see the chosen participants selected cards. At this stage the facilitator would normally invite the participant to talk through their selections.

This process can be repeated with all (or a few) participants.

Stage Three
In the final stage of Images of Organisations we aim to reflect on the session. All cards are on screen and for each the number of times it as selected is show.

It's interesting to see common themes of what cards are selected. And it is often just as interesting to see what cards have not been selected by anyone and to discuss why that is.

Applications of this activity
Images of Organisation is a versatile activity and can be applied in many ways. Here are some suggestions:


Graham Cook @experientialLT

Cofounder of Experiential Learning Tools

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