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Why return to the office doesn't mark the end of remote work

Remote work is here to stay. Here is why we think remote training is going to be critical to your business in 2024.

18th January 2024

Why return to the office doesn't mark the end of remote work
Through much of 2020-2022 the majority of people worked remotely because of the COVID pandemic. In the last 12 or so months we've seen many companies begin enforcing 'return to office' mandates. Some of these mandates are a full return some are a hybrid approach with a minimum amount of time in the office. The response has been a wave of discontent sweeping through the workforce.

We believe the trend towards returning to traditional office settings seen throughout 2023 does not signal the demise of remote work. Rather, remote work remains an integral aspect of the modern professional environment, especially when supported by the right culture and team dynamics. Applying L&D programmes for remote teams is going to be a key trend for 2024.

The resistance to return-to-office mandates
Employees, who have grown accustomed to the flexibility of remote work, are finding these mandates disconcerting and restrictive and they are being met with resistance. The freedoms and flexibility offered by remote work have become highly valued, with benefits like reduced commuting stress, better work-life balance, and the ability to create a personalised workspace away from the distractions of an office. 

Mandating a return to physical offices is not just a logistical shift but also impacts employee satisfaction, mental health, and overall morale.

The enduring nature of remote work
Remote work has evolved from a temporary solution to a permanent feature of the modern workplace. Modern teams are often distributed across cities and even national borders, necessitating a work model that can function effectively regardless of geographical constraints. Remote work allows companies to access a wider talent pool and offers employees the flexibility to be productive at any time, from any location. This level of flexibility is crucial for modern businesses, leading to enhanced productivity, higher employee retention, and a more diverse workforce.

The importance of L&D in the remote workforce
A key component of effective remote work is the ability to train and develop employees, regardless of their physical location. This is where Experiential Learning Tools come into play. Experiential Learning Tools offers interactive, hands-on learning experiences that are essential for remote teams.

The Experiential Learning Tools platform facilitates immersive learning experiences such as Colourblind, Simbols and Workstations that allow teams to take learnings and apply them to their day jobs. This approach is particularly effective for remote teams, as it bridges the gap caused by physical distance, ensuring that all team members are engaged and have equal access to learning opportunities. By incorporating activities such as Images of Organisations, Seeing the Point and Simbols, companies can provide continuous skill development and professional growth, which is vital in a dynamic and evolving work environment.

We truly believe the enforcement of return-to-office mandates does not mark the end of remote work. In fact, remote work (and virtual training) is more crucial than ever in the modern business landscape. Companies should recognise the value of remote work and support it with the right tools (like Experiential Learning Tools). This approach not only ensures employee satisfaction and productivity but also keeps businesses competitive in a globalised market.

Implementing remote online training in your organisation is easy with Experiential Learning Tools. Book a free 1:1 demo at a time that suits you or jump in, pick a subscription tier and get using our activities today.


Michael Hayes @experientialLT

Head of Product at Experiential Learning Tools

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