Chris Sloey

Chris Sloey Chief Technology Officer

Chris is a cofounder of Experiential Learning Tools. Chris studied a Computer Science MEng at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow before founding Add Jam in 2014 before cofounding ELT in 2022.

Much of Chris' time is spent working on the technical aspects of Experiential Learning Tools and developing more of our fun, interactive and collaborative real time activities.

The activity I enjoy most:

Broken Squares

Borken Squares Description

This activity was a fun and intersting technical challenge. This activity allows up to 20 people (plus the trainer) to be involved in an activity where active participants are moving shapes on a collaborative, real time canvas. Keeping data up to date and synced across all users was fun challenge to overcome. Outside that, I find it really powerful and versitile non-verbal activity that can be used in a range of ways

Additional details

  • Unified Objectives: Establish a shared understanding of the task's goals
  • Participation & Cooperation: Recognize that collective and individual success relies on every team member's active involvement
  • Selfless Contribution: Understand the significance of contributing to a group without expecting something in return—a cornerstone of effective negotiation
  • Communication Challenges: Become aware of the hurdles that arise when standard communication avenues are limited
  • Open Problem-Solving: Embrace diverse solutions and approaches to challenges
  • Interdependent Teamwork: Engage in behaviours that epitomise collaborative team dynamics

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