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Continous Professional Development is an integral part of all jobs. Our innovative activities are designed to maximize learning efficiency, ensuring your team gains practical skills without disrupting their workflow.

Low impact, high output CPD

Recognizing the balancing act between ongoing professional development and day-to-day operations, Experiential Learning Tools offers streamlined, impactful CPD sessions. Our approach integrates seamlessly into your team's schedule, delivering short, focused activities that provide substantial learning outcomes without impeding operational efficiency.

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Getting people together while far apart

In the era of remote work, geographical boundaries shouldn't limit professional growth. Our Experiential Learning Tools bridge the gap, leveraging popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams to facilitate engaging, collaborative CPD sessions. These activities are designed to foster a shared learning experience, ensuring impactful professional development, regardless of physical location.

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Sample some of our activities you could use

Broken Square
2 - 20 participants

Broken Square

Building relationships between team members, an awareness of what others need and a willingness to offer resources without any verbal communication.

Workstations Online
4 - 20 participants

Workstations Online

A popular and challenging virtual team problem solving game with powerful messages about managing team communication.

Seeing The Point Online
2 - 20 participants

Seeing The Point Online

Problem solving and creative thinking skills. It's ideal to use as an introductory or ice-breaker activity to develop innovation skills.

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