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Looking to assess remote candidates in a fun and innovative way?

Experiential Learning Tools is a collection of engaging and proven remote activities that can be used in a group setting to assess candidates communication sklls, promblem solving and comprehension.

Innovative assessment for modern recruiting

Tailored to meet the demands of modern recruitment, our tools provide an engaging platform to evaluate candidates beyond resumes. Discover how we blend real-world scenarios with interactive challenges to reveal deeper insights into candidates' abilities and fit.

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Demonstrate your team culture from the outset

In a remote work era, integrating new hires into your team culture is crucial. Our tools facilitate this process, helping you assess how well candidates align with your team's dynamics and values, even from a distance.

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Useful reading for recruiters

We post regular content on our blog such as learning design, industry insights and case studies. Check it out and see how you can apply Experiential Learning techniques in your organisation.

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Sample some of our activities you could use

4 - 28 participants


Develops effective communication and team building skills and helps virtual teams recognise problems caused with imprecise communication and language

Broken Square
2 - 20 participants

Broken Square

Building relationships between team members, an awareness of what others need and a willingness to offer resources without any verbal communication.

Images Of Organisations
1 - 50 participants

Images Of Organisations

Popular image based activity. Highly versatile and can be used with individuals or teams to generate rich discussions.

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