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Activities that help L&D make a difference within organisations.

Effortlessly facilitated, yet impactful: innovative experiential learning activities to elevate teamwork, management, and leadership skills globally.

Empowering L&D with innovative learning solutions

In a rapidly evolving corporate landscape, L&D advisors face the challenge of equipping teams with essential skills and knowledge. Our suite of adaptable and dynamic tools is specifically designed to support diverse training objectives – from technical skill enhancement to leadership development. Discover how our resources can transform your training sessions into impactful learning experiences.

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Enhancing remote team dynamics

As remote work becomes the new norm, L&D strategies must evolve to meet the unique needs of distributed teams. Our activities are tailor-made for remote settings, focusing on strengthening team cohesion, enhancing communication, and improving problem-solving skills. Embrace the future of learning with tools that bring your remote teams together, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

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From the ELT Blog

We post regular content on our blog such as learning design, industry insights and case studies. Check it out and see how you can apply Experiential Learning techniques in your organisation.

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Sample some of our activities you could use

Workstations Online
4 - 20 participants

Workstations Online

A popular and challenging virtual team problem solving game with powerful messages about managing team communication.

Celtic Cross
4 - 20 participants

Celtic Cross

Popular and free challenging online team problem solving activity with powerful messages about managing team communication.

Broken Square
2 - 20 participants

Broken Square

Building relationships between team members, an awareness of what others need and a willingness to offer resources without any verbal communication.

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