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We have the tools to help your clients reach their business goals.

ELT is made for consultancies looking to add value to your client programmes, expand your repertoire and enhance your reputation as an innovator.

Take your consultancy global

Our platform enables your training consultancy to reach a global audience. Using proven activities such as Colourblind and Simbols you can deliver engaging sessions with tnagible business benefits to clients globally.

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Lighten the load of planning sessions

With ELT you can plan and organise a session through the platform. Participants are emailed automatically and can join a session in just two clicks.

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Sample some of our activities you could use

Colourblind® Online
4 - 28 participants

Colourblind® Online

Develops effective communication and team building skills and helps virtual teams recognise problems caused with imprecise communication and language

Celtic Cross
4 - 20 participants

Celtic Cross

Popular and free challenging online team problem solving activity with powerful messages about managing team communication.

Emergency Delivery
3 - 20 participants

Emergency Delivery

Two-stage business-based decision-making challenge that initially requires individuals to process information, then contribute to the creation of a workable team strategy

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