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Enhance your remote team's performance with innovative HR tools.

Experiential Learning Tools is a collection of engaging and proven remote learning activities that will empower any HR department to achieve business goals.

Using experiential learning activities to solve real business problems

All of our experiential learning activities and programmes have been designed in response to real-life client requests, so we know they are relevant and contemporary.

We know that the purpose of any investment in learning and development is to support the achievement of business goals. We understand there is a raft of employee development tools on offer however we feel Experiential Learning Tools is unique in offering innovative HR solutions through Experiential Learning that can help you attain business objectives.

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Solving the problem of setting culture in remote teams

In today's global business landscape, managing team members across diverse geographical locations poses unique challenges, especially in cultivating a unified company culture. How do HR Professionals bridge these gaps in remote teams? Experiential Learning Tools offers an innovative HR solution: our tools are designed to foster a shared vocabulary and vision, ensuring every team member's voice is heard and valued, regardless of their location.

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Sample some of our activities you could use

Celtic Cross
4 - 20 participants

Celtic Cross

Popular and free challenging online team problem solving activity with powerful messages about managing team communication.

Images of Resilience Online
1 - 50 participants

Images of Resilience Online

Utilise a captivating set of metaphor images, each echoing the emotions and experiences tied to resilience and grit

Images of Organisations® Online
1 - 50 participants

Images of Organisations® Online

Popular image based activity. Highly versatile and can be used with individuals or teams to generate rich discussions.

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