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Frequently asked questions

Each organisation set up can have as many trainers as required, each with their own login. For associates it is possible to set up a single user login they can use as required.
It depends on the activity, as each one has an ideal range of participation group numbers, but typically between 2 and 20 per activity, with multiple concurrent sessions for larger numbers.
No, the licence provides for unlimited users sessions within the agreed number of concurrent sessions purchased.
Yes, learners do not need to login to the platform and all email invitations can be deleted on completion of an activity.
Yes, the platform is hosted on a single secure address using SSL that can easily be whitelisted.
No, the platform works independently through any browser access. Your choice of Video Conference provider simply allows access to video / audio conferencing - and potentially instant messaging & the ability to move in/out of smaller groups in break-out rooms.
No, all access is via a browser-based connection for both the trainer and the participants.
Yes, any browser can be used, and most devices including PC, Mac, Tablets and Surface devices - mobile phones are not recommended due to small screen size but can be used for some activities.
Yes, there is no limit to the number of trainers allocated licenses within any organisations, or to the number of learners that can access the platform.
New products are being added regularly and development is continuing through 2021 in terms of trainer support via the platform. We have a large back catalog of physical products we can convert!
Yes and permissions can be granted so any trainer can access any session set-up by any other trainer or administrator.
Yes as a back-up or in place of the automated platform email system, individual links can be sent to individual participants via chat or personal/internal email systems.
Yes, the platform has been designed with this feature in mind - we are trainers first, and technology partners second, so we understand this challenge!

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Train anywhere
Collaborative, experiential sessions
Works across devices
Schedule and manage sessions